What is Cycling?

Sometimes referred to as Spinning, cycling is a cardio-blasting indoor group exercise class led by an instructor to kicking music. All Cycling classes take place in our specially designed cyclingclassroom. It's a great way to train the cardiovascular system and tone your legs because anyone can ride a bike!

Beginners and advanced participants can benefit from the same class because there are no set tension levels on the bike. Your instructor will teach you how to work between a perceived level 1 (feeling the road-very light resistance) and a level 10 (the most tension you can take!) however you determine what your #1 and #10 tension is. As you get stronger you can crank up the resistance and burn even more calories.

In Cycling you'll generally burn a minimum of 450 calories per class-- it's extremely effective! If you want to see results in your cardiovascular training and melt off the fat, TRY CYCLING TODAY!

Like our other Group Exercise Classes, Cycling Classes are FREE to all members!